PTA and PTO Software: School Directory, Fundraising and Group Communications

  • Learn how a school district saved 800 hours of time and raised $80,000+ in membership dues annually for the past four years!
  • Creating a district wide school directory is easy with MobileArq - we accept any student information system e.g., Powerschool, Genesis format and convert to a beautiful app! The directory is kept up-to-date every month with updates from the district.
  • Accounting and reconciliation of membership dues is done with an easy click to generate reports and submitted to the state level PTA
  • Set up online stores for your school fundraising event in 3 easy steps - From spiritwear to e-tickets to school lunches, it has never been easier
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    Building Better-Connected Communities

    • Skip the paper work
    • Increase membership and revenue
    • Reach out to your members easily
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    Learn how a district PTA saved hundreds of hours!

    All of your PTA management in one place!

    • Your school directory at your fingertips
    • Parents, enjoy the convenience and 'peace of mind'
    • PTAs/PTOs, increase your revenue and save hundreds of hours of volunteer work

    Our Story

    As a Mother of two young boys, I was on the road frequently dropping/picking up the boys from various activities. Not always knowing the exact addresses of the activities and their start and end times, I often wished I had the contact information of other school parents on my mobile phone. Even after having purchased multiple print copies, they always went missing at home when I needed them the most.

    To overcome this problem, I built a secure and private mobile school directory for my children’s school and surrounding schools. The mobile directory, a digital version of the school print directory, can readily be accessed on a mobile phone to easily connect with other parents in the community. The invaluable convenience for school parents and the time and money saved by the PTAs/PTOs, led to a rapid growth of MobileArq which grew quickly and had over 21,000 users in the first year of launch (2013). MobileArq hasn’t looked back.

    Our Mission

    It is said that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Our mission is to build better-connected school communities across the US. We believe that a better-connected school community will significantly enhance social and academic growth and development of each child in the school.

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