Admin Support

Getting Started

1How do I manage the membership of parents and other members
1. Click the menu items, e.g., DIRECTORY, to reveal the embedded sub-menu (displayed below)
2. Click the sub-menu items, e.g. VIEW, ADD and INCOMING PARENTS, to view a detailed description of their functions.
a. ‘VIEW’: Viewing and managing your membership
b. ‘ADD’: Adding new families/members to the directory
c. ‘INCOMING PARENTS’: Approving new families/members for entry into the directory

2How do I manage the faculty and staff in the directory?
Look under the FACULTY/STAFF tab in the directory to see your options:
a. DEPARTMENTS -> Add/Delete/Edit
b. ADD DEPARTMENT -> Faculty and Staff

Online Stores

1Introduction to Online fundraising for Parent Organizations
E-COMMERCE: Online store for schools
a. Online Store Overview
b. Payment Choices: PayPal (online) and Checks (Offline)
c. Setting up a PayPal account
d. Setting up ‘Stores’ and Adding products to your store
e. Test your online store with PayPal
f. Order Management and Reports
i. General and detailed summary of store transactions
ii. Tracking purchases to the family, parents and students
2How do I connect the PTA PayPal account to the Mobile Directory?
Watch this video:

3How do I display products online for fundraising?
Watch this video:

4How can parents buy items from the school stores?
Watch this video:

Group Communication