How do we ensure private and secure access to the mobile directory?

We register parents who are part of the school and would like to be part of the directory. The directory is available only to parents who are verified by the PTO/PTA and its access is password-protected. The link for the mobile directory is not available to search-engines.

What additional security measures are available to prevent access to the database from individuals outside of the parent community?

We allow only secure passwords with a minimum length and alphanumeric combination. We set up a lockout setting after three failed attempts to enter a password. The login session expires after a limited time period.

How do we prevent parents within our school from misusing, e.g., ‘spamming’, the Mobile Directory service?

  1. Set up Limited email privileges to the user e.g., individual parents can be restricted to send 0, 1 or 2 emails to other parents outside their class at the discretion of the PTO

  2. Option not to show email addresses

How is our data protected from being visible on the Internet?

Data is encrypted from end-to-end. No data resides on the mobile device.

How do we ensure that our data is secured against unwanted intrusion, e.g., Internet hackers?

Data is stored on a secure private, Linux based sever with bullet-proof security measures. The security measures provide an extremely secure private server that cannot be attacked or inadvertently accessed. These are same measures that are implemented in ensuring secure website installations for banks, universities and health care companies. Also, note that the database can be under the full ownership of the PTO.

Can Mobile Directory be more secure than a print directory?

Mobile Directory may be considered more secure compared to the print version since its access is limited only to those subscribing members while they are part of the school.