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What our customers are saying about our mobile and online school directory

"MobileArq has brought our PTA into the 21st century! We desperately needed a system for our Uniform Shop and I came across MobileArq in my research. Even though we are an International School In Hong Kong, they have been incredibly responsive and have tailored the system to our exact needs. Our stock numbers are accurate and we can produce reports to help us with the ordering process. That alone has been priceless. Recording PTA dues has never been easier, it's all such a relief. If your PTA is looking for something to help manage these kind of payments, look no further. Niru and the team are a Godsend" --- Jennifer Andrews, Hong Kong PTA Read All Google Reviews

“The transition from a paper to an electronic directory move was a big step for our parent PTA members, but …. they (parents) can’t imagine going back!"
“the once overwhelming position of PTA directory chair became a very simple, almost non-existent job.” Read more from this PTA leader on the National PTA Blog.

Mother of 3 Boys

Madison, NJ

See what a Mother of 3 boys has to say about MobileArq!

JoAnne Heller

Directory Chair, Westport, CT

Thank you for bringing MobileArq to Westport!

Debbie K.

Parent, Westport CT

Thank you! You guys have great customer service!

Mrs. Dolan

Parent, Westport, CT

I received immediate directions on how to access our PTA directory. Quick and helpful.

Judy Shanahan

Directory Chair at Woodland School PTO, Warren, NJ

I love using the mobile directory!

Leigh Geissler

Directory Chair at Holland School PTO, Holland Township, NJ

You really made this simple for me so it did not really require any additional work on my part. I really do like the app and going live was not a lot of work (for me) and you made the process easy. I use the app when I need someone's phone number and I am not at home.

Rebecca Rund

PTA President & WebMaster, Woodside Avenue School, Franklin Lakes, NJ

We piloted the mobile directory at our school this year. As a PTA president, I need quick and easy access to parent contact info. The mobile directory has been a wonderful tool to have at my fingertips! It's easy to use and I can call or email parents with a single touch of my smart phone's screen. I rarely use my printed directory (which stays in my kitchen for my kids). Mobile directories are the way to go!

Alix Jennings

Communication Chair, Kings Road Elementary School Madison, NJ

MobileArq's mobile and online directory has been incredible! It is so easy to search the directory for a parent or child, to look at all of the class lists, to find a teacher's email address or phone number, and to look at the school calendar. It's also great to be able to update your entry at any time. The site is super easy to use, both online and on a smart phone. It looks great and everyone at our school has been thrilled with it.

Dana H. Turk

LCJSMS Parent, Summit, NJ

Thank you MobileArq for bringing your program and app to Summit. I love the convenience of having all the families' phone numbers and email addresses right on my phone.

Directory Chair,

CT School District

MobileArq made creation of the directory and the membership dues collection process really easy! Collecting dues used to be a very cumbersome task. The membership person would spend hours entering data into a spreadsheet that was then given to the treasurer to proof against the checks collected.  It was laborious. With MobileArq, parents pay the dues online and we can monitor all of the dues collection easily.