Are you interested in building an App but don’t know how? Do you want to learn and master the App development process, from end-to-end? Would creating your own App be the perfect addition to round out your resume or college application? Then, sign up for ’Build an App’ course with MobileArq, a Summit, NJ-based software company.

This course is perfect for students who want to learn web technology and acquire the fundamentals needed to build an app and ensure its widespread usage. The course is offered to High School students or Newark, NJ and Bronx NY. You will learn and accomplish the following over the duration of the course spanning a 15-week term beginning January 2017:

  • Learn how to use the various components and technologies of mobile computing so that you are equipped to
  • Create and release a communication app for your school, temple, church or club.
  • Apply analytics to monitor usage and retool your app to promote and improve usage.

Why is this course different? MobileArq’s ‘Build an App’ is NOT a short-term crash course! This is a full term, hands-on course! We believe it is important for students to experience and master the distinct stages of the entire span of software lifecycle. To acquire this skillset takes time and expert guidance by tutors with experience and a proven track record.

Feedback from MobileArq Interns/Students:

Ben C., a rising High School sophomore in Summit, NJ, From the MobileArq ‘Build an App’ course, I learned many of the fundamental steps to producing a fully fledged web app. When I came into this program, I had no knowledge of the backend programming in websites. I went from 0 knowledge to having a basic login and a user index for my swim team app. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to build an app. 

Fola C., NJIT Freshman, “I have grown exponentially. I have learnt new languages like PHP and SQL, worked with cloud computing using Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). I wasn’t taught any of this in school and having this knowledge has given me a great start in my career”


Bowen X., NJIT Sophomore, “I have learned more in two months with MobileArq, then I did in my two years with NJIT”


Course Coordinator and Instructor: The MobileArq ‘Build an App’ course is led by Nirupama Mallavarupu, an experienced technologist. Niru has extensive experience in software development and its application for building secure web servers through her work experience in in Sun Microsystems and Oracle as well as several startups. Niru is also the Founder and CEO of MobileArq that builds communication software for K-12 schools. Currently, MobileArq software is being used widely in schools across the US. Empowering students with mobile and web programming skills is a passionate project for Niru and the MobileArq team.


We invite you to learn and experience App development that can have an immeasurable impact upon you and a positive impact on your college application.


To register, please go to MobileArq offers a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course, within the first week of the two-week in-class instructions.


MobileArq: MobileArq is a NJ-based software firm that specializes in creating simple to use, simple to adopt, and simple self-service communication solutions for schools, clubs and organizations.