How to overcome objections to joining your PTA?

There are always going to be excuses and objections to joining the PTA. Most parents don’t see the value in joining the PTA.

If you provide them something concrete for example access to an app or easy connectivity to your school that provides them a daily benefit, it becomes a no-brainer.

The second biggest misconception is that joining the PTA implies that they have to fundraise for the organization. You can clear this misconception by clarifying it in your letter or recruitment email or paperwork that you send home via the student.

The National PTA and New York State PTA say the following tactic works well for recruiting more parents to join the PTA.

If someone says, “I don’t like to fundraise!”

You can tell them,
“You do not have to fundraise as a PTA member. You don’t have to commit time or anything more when you join PTA — unless you want to! We always welcome the ways you feel you can help!”
Many people have the perception that PTA is a fundraising organization. Reflect on that. Is that all they see from your PTA? To grow membership, you have to prove that your PTA is more than a fundraising machine — what makes PTA different than other parent-teacher organizations is that we are advocates for our students, teachers, families and schools and communities.

Hope this helps you to reach out to more parents who are not yet members and help them make that decision.