Arne Duncan Calls for Involved Parents

Arne Duncan’s message and the involved parents who change children’s lives

The Education Secretary Arne Duncan has called for involved and demanding parents in schools for our children to get a better education. That is easier said than done. In the more socio-economically advantaged communities, with more educated and well-to-do parents, children thrive due to the atmosphere at home and an active school community.

Let me give you an example of an inspiring and involved PTA parent I have got to know personally. This Mom of three, from an upper middle class town in New Jersey is involved in almost every PTA fundraiser, whether it is the ‘Turkey Trot’ or the massive printed directory effort for 1,500 families at her son’s middle school.  However, this Mom goes above and beyond the usual fundraising.

When Ruby learned how children with disabilities were teased or bullied by others at schools, she recognized that it was not a problem with the kids but more to do with a lack of education. So Ruby set out to find a program that would help to educate third graders about special kids’ and their needs. Ruby has been running this program for over 4 years now in the schools with the help of certified instructors. It has helped hundreds of children in the district understand and empathize with “autistic” and other children with special needs.