MobileArq provides a private and secure environment to call, email, and text parents easily. The calling feature is fairly straightforward, the user can search and find a parent and tap on the cell number and the user’s phone automatically calls the number immediately. However, the texting feature is not as simple. Here, we demonstrate how you can text message or add a number to your own contact list on the phone using MobileArq.

Once logged into MobileArq, you can search for the student or parent or family you are looking for in the search box.

Online school directory search results

Fig. 1


Once the family listing is found, tap on the family listing. This will bring up the family page with all of the contact details shared by the family.

School Directory App Parent Details Page

Fig. 2: Search results with Family Contact Details


Once the search results are presented, pressing down on the phone number will provide you with four options.

  1. Call number
  2. Send a text
  3. Add to contacts
  4. Copy to Clipboard

Parent Directory App - Send Text Message to a parent in your school without having to add them to your contacts