My name is Howard Heller, and I am the Founder and President of
In this position which I have held now for 15 years, I am presented with numerous requests to endorse mobile applications developed to benefit individuals in the educational sector. It is very rare that I will come across any product that
meets my strict guidelines necessary to endorse it.

Recently, I was introduced to MobileArq, a Mobile and Online School Directory App. I have personally spoken with Niru Mallavarupu, the Founder and CEO of MobileArq, a technologist and a mother who has developed this App based on input from PTA/PTO members and her own experience in navigating school life with her children. I am thoroughly convinced that this mobile application will serve as an extraordinarily valuable resource for parents, teachers, and PTA/PTO members in that it will enhance communications between parents and help develop a stronger school community.

For the parents, MobileArq Directory provides easy and fast connectivity, with other parents in the school community via email, telephone and text.

For the teachers, MobileArq Directory provides easy and fast connectivity with students and their parents about pertinent class-related information, e.g., upcoming test or even truancy, via email, or text

For the PTA/PTO, MobileArq Directory provides

  • Easy online information management of all members of the school community.
  • Platform for fundraising, e.g., collection of PTA/PTO dues online .
  • Communications hub to connect and reach the school community through¬†newsletters and/or emails sent to the class, grade and the school .

Information on MobileArq School DIrectory may be found at