‘Build An App’ with MobileArq: A Programming course for middle school and high school students in Summit, NJ and surrounding areas

Course Objective

Our curriculum will equip the student with the critical skills to become a web and mobile app developer. Students will learn to use industry-standard tools, frameworks and languages that comprise the mobile web technology stack.  This knowledge and the skill-set are applied by our students to produce a complete and functional app at the end of the course.

This course is being offered in two 10 week sessions at Mondo, Summit, meeting 2 hours each week.

Build your app with the MobileArq platform

Build your app with the MobileArq platform

Course Outline

Session 1:

Unit 1: Overview of mobile and web app architecture and tools

Setup local development environment with IDE,  Source code control  and LAMP stack

Unit 2:   Learn with hands-on programs web protocols, architecture, the lifecycle of an HTTP request

Build web forms with HTML, CSS and Javascript

Unit  3:  Learn using the JQuery framework and third-party libraries

Introduction to PHP and server-side libraries

End this session with a front end app based on Javascript, HTML, CSS and Smarty framework

Session 2:

Unit 4: Delving deeper into PHP, HTML and CSS

Unit 5:  Understanding third-party APIs

Unit 6:  Learning the basics of a database and how to use a Database

End this session by building a simple communication app or a custom app of your own with MobileArq Frameworks


The ten-weeks of in-class instructions concludes with the student creating a group communications app with MobileArq frameworks. They can apply this knowhow to build a communications app for a community or an organization to which they belong. The student can also build any other app that they can conceive.

The in-class instructions are followed up with 1-hour instructions over 6 additional weeks, via WebEx, to guide the student’s progress in web technology and app development.

For a detailed course syllabus, please send a request to buildanapp@mobilearq.com

Register for ‘Build an App

We invite you to learn and experience App development that can have an immeasurable impact upon you and a positive impact on your college application.  Please go to https://buildanapp.mobilearq.com/buildanapp_student_register.html.  MobileArq offers a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course, within the first week of the two-week in-class instructions.

Location: MONDO Summit, 426 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901

Each session includes 2 weeks of follow-up, 1 hour/week over WebEx.

Flexible scheduling available for those who have other activities set up during different weeks. Small class sizes and individual instruction will be provided.

Cost: $887 per session & $1400 for both sessions

Feedback from MobileArq Interns/Students

Rohan M., Union County Magnet High School Senior, MobileArq has really made an impact on my life. It has given me hands-on experience with development and the development process. I dealt with things like versioning, servers, and SQL, all of which I’ve either never encountered or never really used before. Every day I learned something new. MobileArq internship was a unique experience that has helped prepare me for a true job.

Christopher G., Academy of Information Technology, UCVTS Senior, “Throughout my time at MobileArq I really learned the difference between just knowing a programming language and actually using it. I learned how to code and create a product with the user in mind, while knowing the development process that is involved in producing new features. I would never have gotten to experience and learn how to truly make a great technological product if it was not for MobileArq.”

Fola C., NJIT Freshman, “I have grown exponentially. I have learnt new languages like PHP and SQL, worked with cloud computing using Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). I wasn’t taught any of this in school and having this knowledge has given me a great start in my career”

Bowen X., NJIT graduate student, “I have learned more in two months with MobileArq, then I did in my two years with NJIT”

Course Coordinator and Instructor: The MobileArq ‘Build an App’ course is led by Nirupama Mallavarupu, an experienced technologist. Niru has extensive experience in software development and its application for building secure web servers through her work experience in Sun Microsystems and Oracle as well as several startups. Niru is also the Founder and CEO of MobileArq that builds communication software for K-12 schools. Currently, MobileArq software is being used widely in schools across the US. Empowering students with mobile and web programming skills is a passion and the goal for Niru and the MobileArq team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t have any programming experience at all. Can I still attend the MobileArq class?

Yes, absolutely! Our classes are designed with beginners in mind. If you’ve never written a line of code, we’re ready to teach you from the very start. With MobileArq, you’ll learn the core components of computational thinking and coding best-practices.

I’ve already taken AP computer science or other CS courses. Is this class for me?

We’ve had many students take our classes with prior programming experience – from AP CS to other summer programs. Our classes are designed to stretch students who already are coming in with some knowledge of programming..

What does a typical class in MobileArq include?

Any class starts with a mini-lecture followed by an interactive discussion and most of it is working through labs, interactive practices, and coding challenges.  Students benefit by doing more coding in class with templates and real-life examples.

Do I need my own laptop?

Students enrolled in our course are required to bring a Mac or PC laptops to class. Please reach out to us if you are unable to bring your laptop to class.

Who teaches the classes?

Our classes are all taught by Niru Mallavarupu, Founder of MobileArq. Niru has successfully developed several web apps and frameworks over her career. Currently, the MobileArq directory app is used by thousands of parents across the US.

Where is this course being held?

 This course will be held in MONDO Summit, a recently renovated historic building in downtown Summit, NJ.