Configuring iPhone Settings for a Faster Access to MobileArq and other Mobile Apps


Parents want a quick access to their Mobile Directory from their mobile phone. Selecting appropriate settings on their iPhone will help users to save their login information. The saved login information will provide the user with a quick login to MobileArq or to their other favorite mobile apps.

Step 1: Click on Settings on the home screen, encircled in yellow.
Step 2: Select Safari in the Settings Page.
Step 3: Set ‘AutoFill’ On, in which ‘User Contact Info’ and ‘Names & Passwords’ is ON
Step 4: Set ‘Accept Cookies’ to ‘From Visited’
Step 5: After selecting these settings, when you next access MobileArq, you will have the option of saving your login information so that you do not need to retype this information again.

Mobile Directory iPhone Settings