Directory Login and Usability

1. Parent/Teacher Registration and Directory Access

Registration and directory access has been made easier by removal of case sensitive email ID screen from the registration and directory access pages.

2. Password Recovery and Management

Password recovery is now much easier for the user following removal of potentially ambiguous alpha-numeric characters, e.g., i, l, 1, 0, o from the auto-generated password.

3. Introduction of the ‘Home’ icon on top right corner of every page has facilitated fast access to the directory home page from anywhere in the directory.

4. Search Function for Students and Faculty& Staff

A search function for students and Faculty & Staff introduced within the respective directories.  A global search function will be introduced shortly.

5. Change of email address

A user can now change their email address through the ‘Edit User Profile’ page.  When the email address is changed, the user is required to login with the new email address but the same password needs to be applied as before.

6. Room Parents

For Elementary schools, the names of the room parents or ‘Class Moms’ are now shown at the top of each class.  If your school would like to use this feature, please let us know.

7.  Send Group Message for Elementary school classes.

Sends a group message to class parents in the class.

8. Use of arrows in place of ‘Next’ or “Previous’ for better navigation through the directory.

9. Introduction of an alphabet index in the parent directory to help with navigation.