MobileArq’s mission is to enhance parents’ involvement and communication with their children’s school(s) and the local school community. We are based in Summit, New Jersey, and provide mobile and online apps that facilitate easier parent-to-parent and school-to-parent communications. 

The MobileArq Marketing internship is a hands-on entrepreneurial learning experience. In working with our business there will be plenty of opportunities for interns to learn from the senior members of the team.

The internship will provide an opportunity to learn various new and upcoming video marketing techniques and strategies. You will guided in implementing these projects.


Projects will include planning, filming, editing and organizing video content, and developing new ideas for connecting with MobileArq School Administrators and Parents

Creative videos that demonstrate how to use the MobileArq app and admin portal for various purposes

Write the scripts to drive and narrate the videos and editing them to add widgets and effects to keep the user’s attention

These videos can be published as 2 minute videos on popular  video marketing platforms

Ideal Candidate Characteristics:

  • Should have passion for  creating and editing videos
  • Strong communication skills including superior writing and grammar skills
  • Excellent analytical skills and enjoys working with data
  • Mobile and web development experience desirable
  • Ambitious and work smart to get results
  • Like fast-paced environments

Contact Info:

This  internship will be a serious learning experience on the ins-and-outs of a tech business in NJ. Part of that will be the chance to work on a  product that is being used by thousands of parents.   

If this sounds interesting, please send us your resume at