Prevent Heartbleed with Biometric Software

The HeartBleed Security Bug has been echoing through the halls of the internet. Every web user should be rightfully concerned with the possibility of their various accounts getting hijacked/broken. There are some preventive security measures a company or a user can take to protect themselves from security bugs or in general any kind of hacking.

A password is simply one key to unlock a door to any account. What if a user can have multiple keys that would need to be provided or multiple doors to be unlocked to get into an account. One of the common practices that financial institutions are using is having multiple security questions answered before a user is allowed to access the account. Unfortunately, in a situation like the ‘HeartBleed Bug’, hackers can access the various questions as well if they have been exposed in the web server cache.

A robust solution to any attack would be biometric passwords that would be based on a match of a physical attribute for each individual. For example, it could be a finger swipe or facial recognition that would unlock the password or account. No password or security question would be as robust as biometrics. Although I found the Google Facial recognition (built into Androids) not that consistent, finger printing software have been developed and used consistently for several years now.

Our friends at can offer this wonderful finger printing service for any web/mobile application. This would secure your account from not only bugs like HeartBleed but any kind of hacker attacks.