MobileArq Directory Features

Platforms: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones and any mobile devices with Internet access.
Special Services: We convert school information system data into a district-wide directory♰




Information and Communications Features
Family DirectoryDone
Student Directory (Grade/Class)Done
Selective Display of Contact InfoDone
Faculty/Staff DirectoryDone
School CalendarDone
Private Groups, e.g. sports clubsDone
Group EmailDone
PTA/PTO CommitteesDone
Volunteer ListDone
Administrative Features for the PTA/PTO
Edit Directory/Manager UsersDone
Print DirectoryDone
Edit Faculty/Staff InfoDone
Manage School CalendarDone
Monitor FundraisingDone
Reports on Usage/AccountingDone
Newsletter and Group Email (class & grade)Done
Revenue Generating Features
Mobile Advertisement**Done
Collect PTA/PTO Dues***Done
eCommerce (Online Storefront)Done


*Elementary schools or schools from a 'new district'
**Mobile Ads, + processing and upload charge
***Dues Collection, + 3.5% Transaction charge
♰Email for more information and a price quote
** Mobile Ads, + processing and upload charge
*** Dues Collection, + 3.5% Transaction charge