The Private and Secure School Directory App


MobileArq School Directory+ is an integrated software solution for the PTA/PTO and the school parents.

Benefits for the PTA/PTO:

  • Easy directory production & management

Save hundreds of hours of volunteer time and money

  • Group Communication platform

Connect with your school community through emails and newsletters

  • E-commerce platform for all your fundraising needs

Support students activities with fundraisers setup and managed online

Benefits for Parents – the school directory app:

  • Your school at your fingertips

Get the directory app on your phone; accessible anywhere and anytime

  • Private and secure network

Not Googleable

  • Connect with other parents and school teachers/staff

Call/email/text with one touch

Adopting MobileArq school directory software has enabled the PTAs/PTOs to efficiently and rapidly compile school directories that can be accessed by the parents and the school community.  The MobileArq solution has saved PTAs/PTOs hundreds of hours of their time as well as money and helped them raise several hundred thousand dollars.

Please contact us to get a demo link to the school directory software to try out.  Following is a product video that illustrates the use of a mobile directory in a specific situation. However, this is only one of innumerable events in our day-to-day busy lives, when a mobile directory would be very helpful to parents on the road.