Why choose MobileArq?

MobileArq was conceived and designed in collaboration with PTA Directory and Membership Chairs and Busy Moms who needed an easier way to handle the enormous task of compiling the school directory.

There are school directories and school directory PLUS, aka MobileArq.

Problems encountered by the PTAs/PTOs/HSAs:

  1. PTA/PTO Members spend countless hours compiling the school directory.  This includes getting the parent information, their consent and preparation of the directory for printing.
  2. PTA/PTO Membership Chairs spend an enormous time collecting membership fees – checking off those who paid and chasing those who haven’t paid.
  3. Obtaining payments from parents who have children in multiple schools within the same school district, e.g., elementary, middle school and high school, with different dues.

MobileArq’s ¬†Solutions for PTAs/PTOs/HSAs:

  1. MobileArq provides end-to-end data managementfor schools.   MobileArq collects parental info, obtain consent and compile the directory while the Directory and Membership chairs can spend their time on other PTO/PTA/HSA-related matters.  The parental information is uploaded to the directory from one of three ways:
    1. District wide PowerSchool/Genesis/HomeSchool format
    2.  Excel Sheet provided by PTA/PTO/HSA
    3. Parents – online entry
  2. MobileArq provides option to collect PTO/PTA/HSA dues in return for accessing the school directory, a process similar for the receipt of a print directory.  The difference is that the registration and payment information will be processed by MobileArq and displayed in the Admin Portal accessible to the Directory/Membership Chair.
  3. A district-wide school directory enables parent to pay and access the directories for only those schools in which their children are enrolled, all with a one click.  The district- wide directory does not imply that parents get to see all the schools in the district Рthey get to see only the schools in which their children are enrolled.