PTA Mom – Need Help?

The first role of a PTA Mom is to be there for her kids. In addition, she might be working to support herself and her last duty is towards the PTA. PTA Moms can have different roles in the school PTA from “President”, “Vice-President” or other board member positions to being a “Directory Chair” or Chair for other fundraising events in the school. The board members have the unenviable task of recruiting more PTA Moms to volunteer for various events in the schools.

There are Moms whose kids have already grown and left home but they continue to play a role in their local or state PTA or the national PTA. Now, this is true dedication to a cause as they are not doing it for their children. They are simply contributing to a better community.

I know most of the state PTA leaders are women and men whose children are no longer in K-12. They may even have grand children in the school system.