Definition of a school directory app:

A school directory app provides provides parents in the school a single location to find the contact information of anyone in the school community and stay on top of all of the events and activities happening in their child’s school. It allows teachers and volunteers of the parent teacher’s association to communicate with parents and increase parent engagement in their school.

Top Benefits of a school directory app for your parent organization (PTA or PTO or HSA)

  1. No more hassle of printing a school directory and collecting handwritten forms!
  2. No more sending out flyers for getting parent’s attention. They are already looking at their phone!
  3. Create a directory and fundraising app for the school that gives parents their school at their fingertips!
  4. No more entering information manually, formatting, mail merging, fighting excels and PDFs. Print a directory with a single click.
  5. Create class/grade/custom groups and send out group emails easily. For example, do you want to send out a note to Grade 5 parents about graduation activities – that’s easy! Do you want to send a message to the chess club? No problem – you can do it with your school directory app!
  6.  Create fundraisers easily. All you need to do on MobileArq is create an online store with the event and parents can purchase anything from e-tickets to school lunches from the app.
  7. Get parent volunteers easily by creating Volunteer events so that parents can sign up i na single click on the app!
  8. You can send the ENIRE school a message easily with MobileArq school directory and fundraising app!
  9. Make membership managment easy and earn money easily. Learn how a PTA earns over $80,000 annually using the MobileArq school directory app –
  10. Earn money through advertising on the MobileArq Ad Platform – a school earned more than $20,000 using the ad platform.


Top Benefits of a school directory app for parents/teachers

  1. Find the contact information of a parent or teacher in the school
  2. Call/Email/text a parent in the school directly from the app.
  3. Send a group message to arrange a class activity for children in your class
  4. Arrange a birthday party easily for your child by sending a message in a single click.
  5. Arrange a carpool for games or other activities.
  6. The teacher can send personal notes to parents easily or send a note to the entire class list in a single click.
  7. Have the school calendar at your fingertips – know when the winter or spring concert or field trip is scheduled.
  8. As a class mom, you can arrange all the holiday parties in a single click.
  9. Get to know the various volunteering activities and events in your school.
  10. Signup for volunteer activities easily on the app.