MobileArq is an easy-to-use communication tool for the parent organization in schools or school districts with a need for directory services and/or fundraising.


Benefits for the Parent Organization:

    • End-to-end data management
    • We transform any student information system data into a user-friendly app for your parents.  We manage all of the updates to the data throughout the school year
    • Built in security and privacy protection
    • Security system designed and maintained by recognized experts
    • Audit login to track data changes and their source
    • Multi-level administration
    • Management of the schools individually or collectively depending upon privilege access
    • E.g., in a district-wide directory, Admin access is available at the level of individual schools or as a district Admin with access to all schools.
    • Membership management
      • Overview and management of membership information for the Admin
    • Online stores
    • Set up online stores for spirit-wear sales, e-tickets, membership dues in minutes
    • View, track and monitor sales on each store through reports
    • Group communication
    • Send rich text group emails to a class/grade/club with updated addresses
    • Keep parents informed with weekly newsletters
    • Volunteer management
    • Recruit and mange parent volunteers


Benefits for the Parents:

    • Connect with any parent, teacher or staff right from their app
    • Participate in school fundraisers easily from the app
    • Stay on top of school events and news through newsletters
    • Arrange class events or birthday parties right from the app via class group email


Success Stories:

    • 62 schools and 55,000 parents have adopted MobileArq for their school.
    • $622,000 raised to-date in fundraising by schools.
    • 2,000+ logins/day by parents to view their information.


Individual references provided upon request.