Top Ten Fundraisers for PTAs and PTOs

10. Offer your PTA Members year-round activities for a membership fee that will help them come together as a community.

9. A Silent auction is a great way to raise funds through items donated by the families in the school community.

8. Find a cause that is relevant to your community and have members rally around it.

7. Having a fun walk or 5K run for a cause will help raise funds for the PTA and the school.

6. A Family Fair that is held on a weekend is a great fund raiser during the winter months.

5. A Bingo night with basket raffles is a a great fund raiser

4. Holiday gift sales with a markup on gifts bought in bulk with online discounts.

3. Bake Sales and Cake walks with cakes donated by families in the school is a great targeted fund raiser.

2. Partnering with food companies, Amazon, Scholastic Book Fairs, School Supplies are also great fund raisers

  • many local restaurants love to partner with PTAs to get visibility among parents
  • many local educational businesses also love to partner with PTA/PTOs

1. Offering a MobileArq mobile parent directory at the beginning of the school year has been a great fundraiser for many schools as they raised tens of thousands of dollars through MobileArq’s online payment platform.