Top 10 List for Using a Mobile Website

The number of Americans that access the Internet on their mobile browser increased thirty one percent between 2009 and 2010, as reported by ComScore.  The increased reliance upon smartphones has spawned increasing number of websites that are mobile compatible.  Our Top 10 List for using a mobile website:

  1. Access anywhere any time
  2. Get information you need on the go
  3. Always up to date, unlike Apps which need to be constantly updated
  4. Offers location-based information
  5. Immediate actions, e.g., click-to-call
  6. You can upload pictures, videos, or documents immediately after they are created
  7. Faster downloads, thus, more browsing
  8. Less intrusive than downloading Apps
  9. Less likely to conflict with other Apps and data on your phone
  10. Positive user experience