Each time I talk to an Alumni Association for Colleges, High Schools or a department in a University, they tell me that they have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn Group for their network and that suffices for them.  A group on LinkedIn or a Facebook page is enough for a superficial presence and for Alumni Association to simply check mark “availability of a social network” for their alumni.

Here are the top reasons to have a private web page for your Alumni:

  • Create a virtual community who can create specific groups for themselves while reaching out to the larger community
  • Provide direct connections for alumni to employers and businesses
  • Provide enlisted communities  that would help alumni to get back in touch with each other
  • Promote  business connections and interactions amongst the alumni

Most important of all, alumni associations can easily collect membership dues online and organize fund raising events. Alumni can be updated about events and get reminders on their PDAs, enabling higher participation.