Top Ten Reasons Dads are a Rare Species on PTA Boards

10. The PTA Board meetings are always in the mornings and Dads are at work.

FIX: Move the meetings to the evenings.

9. PTA Moms are the leaders at home and the school and do not want give Dads a chance to lead.

8. Dads do not want to get involved with school politics!

7. PTA Moms are better at fighting school boards for their children’s education!

6. Dads cannot compete with the Type A PTA Moms who are organized, smart and capable of doing it on their own.

5. Stay-at-home Dads really love staying at home – they don’t like to socialize!

4. PTA Moms love fundraising and raising money for their schools.

3. PTA Moms are better at making Halloween Treats, Gingerbread cookies and holiday parties in general!

2. PTA Moms can multi-task – organize the next school fair/bingo night/basket raffle, drive three kids to different places everyday and multiple household chores 16 hours a day!

1. PTA Moms are simply phenomenal superwomen, wives, mothers, caregivers and no way Dads can compete with them!