Commitment to Community Service Beyond a Single Day

Service to your school and your community

MLK Day of Service

The Dr. Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. holiday has come to symbolize a day of service in the US. From elementary schools to small and large organizations and companies, the young and the elderly honor and celebrate the life and the principles championed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is through our service that we are addressing the ‘persistent and urgent’ question by Dr. King:

‘What are you doing for others?
We are thankful to those who commemorate the MLK day by taking part in the community service, by volunteering to feed the hungry, rehabilitate housing and parkland, tutoring those who need help, mentoring youngsters in need of guidance, and numerous other projects.

Commitment to community service needs to go beyond a single day event. If we are to build a stronger community that is more connected and compassionate, then we need full and life-long commitment to community service.

Thankfully, there are a number of organizations and individuals for whom community service is part of their lives and hence a long-term commitment. As a founder of a technology company that provides directories for schools, I see so many mothers contributing endless hours to run and help the parent teacher organizations in schools. These non-profit organizations, e.g., the parent-teacher association or the PTA, are highly critical for raising money for school-related activities for the students and for bringing the school community closer together.

So, on this MLK day, I want to acknowledge and thank all those parents that work towards enhancing the school experience to both the students and their parents in the school.

Please share with us and acknowledge the individuals or groups whose dedication and commitment for making our community better and stronger on this MLK day.