Five Top Tips to extend the battery life on your mobile phone on your travel days

It’s the holiday season and you are traveling to meet with family. Here are some tips on how you can save the battery life on your phone so it can survive the entire trip.

1. Shut off those annoying power-hungry apps!!

Apps are the hog precious resources on your phone. These days everyone has apps ranging from Angry Birds to a favorite banking app on their phone. Even when you are not using them, they are working in the background occupying memory and the processing. So quit out of apps when you are not using them.

2.Turn down the noise!!

Turning off the push notifications on apps for which you don’t want to be reminded is a great battery saver. You can turn off polling and set your apps to manual to disable ‘Push Notifications’. See below for more explanation on ‘Push Notifications’. Go to Settings and then Notifications. Your iPhone will list everything that has the ability to send you Notifications. Tap each app you want to manage the Notifications for, and then turn the Notification Center toggle to OFF. Then, set the Alert Style to None, the Badge App Icon and Sounds to OFF, and turn OFF the View in Lock Screen Option.

When an app is installed, one of the first questions asked is if you would like, ‘Push Notifications’ or simple little messages and reminders that the app is posting to update you on the latest happenings in its world. This eats up a lot of resources too, draining your battery.

3.  Turn off the bluetooth on your phone!!

Turning off unnecessary communications features like Bluetooth, LTE and NFC and Wi-fi helps increase the longevity of the battery. You need GPS only to get directions and publish your location. It is a privacy and security concern as well since apps these days can use the location based service to find your location. Turning off GPS except when you absolutely need it for navigation would extend your phone’s battery life tremendously.

4. Your phone likes darkness, Buddy!

All phones have a ‘Brightness’ control under ‘Settings’. Using ‘automatic brightness’ increases battery use. Turning off the ‘Automatic Brightness’ and lowering the brightness will extend the battery life.

5. Lead a monastic life – Stop gaming, socializing and messaging for a little while!

Reducing the number of email messages you receive on your phone can extend battery life immediately. And turn off those thirsty games! And turning off social networking messages like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will help your phone stay alive without re-charge for a couple of days easily!