Gifting a tech gadget to your child for the holidays. A good idea?

Kids love gadgets, especially those cool tech gadgets. More importantly, parents love buying tech gadgets for their kids, until their kids end up spending an excessive amount of their time with these gadgets.

We live in a world that is dominated in some ways by technology. So, it is critical that we should be comfortable and even adept at using Technology. But, that’s not always the case when we interact with technology. Hoping that our kids are not faced with the same struggles, we jump to get the kids immersed in technology and with tech gadgets as if our intervention is really necessary.  

Our intentions to make our kids ‘tech-savvy’ are not entirely misplaced. Tech gadgets can and do stimulate learning and curiosity. Proficiency with the use of tech gadgets will help kids immensely with their future career opportunities.

But, excessive use of these tech gadgets, as evidenced by the video games and mobile phone usage, can lead to the replacement of direct personal and social interaction with a virtual and impersonal interaction that can impair overall development of the child. So, parents, think again, before you go out and buy that tech gadget your child wants you to buy. If you want a role model than look no further than the icons of Silicon Valley, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both of these visionaries were highly aware of the insidiously affect of tech gadgets. This awareness was translated into practice as both Gates and Jobs placed strict limits on access and use of tech gadgets in their homes to their children.

So, does your child really need another tech gadget this holiday season?