October 9, 2020

Woodbrook Elementary Signup FAQ

Woodbrook Elementary School Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions Q:  Why do I need to sign up for the Woodbrook Elementary School Mobile app? A: Woodbrook Elementary School mobile app is a private and secure database. Online registration into the Woodbrook Elementary School mobile app represents a secure check-in process to ensure directory access only to the parents, teachers, and staff of Woodbrook Elementary School. Q: Where do I sign up for the Woodbrook Elementary School Mobile Directory? A:  To access and use the mobile school directory, you must first sign up at and click on “Parent Sign up”(see registration instructions) Q:  What do I need to do to ensure that I receive immediate feedback/acknowledgement from MobileArq following registration? A:  Please add to the address book of your email. Once you sign up, an email is sent to you confirming your registration. Your email provider may block mail from MobileArq […]
March 15, 2019

MobileArq Data Security & Privacy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does MobileArq ensure private and secure access to the mobile school directory? Access to the mobile directory is password-protected and provided only to those parents whose information, i.e., name and email address, can be matched with the information provided to MobileArq by the district IT office or the school PTA/PTO.  Upon verification of identity, the parent is then asked to create and save a password for subsequent entry into the directory account. What additional security measures are available to prevent access to the database from individuals outside of the parent community? A ‘strong’ user password is a critical component of data security.  MobileArq requires that the directory password should be 8 characters minimum length and must include an uppercase letter, a number, and a special character. These requirements are spelled out in the ‘Password Reset Page’ of the app. Also, ten successive failed attempts to enter a directory account within a span of […]
December 24, 2018

Gifting a tech gadget to your child for the holidays. A good idea?

Kids love gadgets, especially those cool tech gadgets. More importantly, parents love buying tech gadgets for their kids, until their kids end up spending an excessive amount of their time with these gadgets. We live in a world that is dominated in some ways by technology. So, it is critical that we should be comfortable and even adept at using Technology. But, that’s not always the case when we interact with technology. Hoping that our kids are not faced with the same struggles, we jump to get the kids immersed in technology and with tech gadgets as if our intervention is really necessary.   Our intentions to make our kids ‘tech-savvy’ are not entirely misplaced. Tech gadgets can and do stimulate learning and curiosity. Proficiency with the use of tech gadgets will help kids immensely with their future career opportunities. But, excessive use of these tech gadgets, as evidenced by the […]
April 7, 2018

MobileArq 2018 American Small Business Champion

MobileArq Receives National Recognition as a 2018 American Small Business Champion by SCORE  Summit, NJ-based MobileArq,, a provider of communication and fundraising platform for K-12 schools, has been named a winner of the 2018 American Small Business Championship by SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors. The Championship awarded this title to 102 entrepreneurs for their dedication to the success of their small businesses, awarding them an all-expense-paid trip to a training and networking event, SCORE mentoring and publicity throughout the year, and a chance to win one of three $15,000 grand prizes, made possible with the support of Sam’s Club. MobileArq earned the title of American Small Business Champion by submitting an online application describing what makes their business one of the best small businesses in their community, and how they plan to use the prizes to grow their business. Over 75 schools, 26 school […]