October 20, 2016
How the app is designed for the best user experience

School Directory App: The Anatomy of an Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Mobile Directory

Translating directory information into a digital product or an app that is easy and intuitive for the user is a challenging task. Essentially, the user should be able to find the information that they need, e.g., parent or teacher’s contact information, quickly and intuitively from a school directory app. The three most important aspects to building a user-friendly school directory app are: Information Architecture, User Interface and User Experience. All these three components are reflected in MobileArq School Directory+. The objective of the design was to make the directory an easy-to-use tool for a K-12 school parent.   With the MobileArq school directory, a parent can easily connect with another parent or a teacher/staff within the school community.   The organization and the layout of the mobile directory app, as seen by the user, is shown in the attached figure. Information Architecture (IA): What is the critical information for the user and […]