MobileArq Data Security & Privacy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does MobileArq ensure private and secure access to the mobile school directory?

Access to the mobile directory is password-protected and provided only to those parents whose information, i.e., name and email address, can be matched with the information provided to MobileArq by the district IT office or the school PTA/PTO.  Upon verification of identity, the parent is then asked to create and save a password for subsequent entry into the directory account.

What additional security measures are available to prevent access to the database from individuals outside of the parent community?

A ‘strong’ user password is a critical component of data security.  MobileArq requires that the directory password should be 12 characters minimum length and must include an uppercase letter, a number, and a special character. These requirements are spelled out in the ‘Password Reset Page’ of the app.

Also, three successive failed attempts to enter a directory account within a span of an hour (due to the use of the wrong password or from a failed attempt by a bot) will result in the account being inactivated or ‘disabled’. Once disabled, the account will need to be re-activated through the Admin or the MobileArq support desk.

In addition, each access to the directory is logged, the parameters include location and the IP address of the device.  Surveillance for access from an unusual location and/or non-registered IP address provides an additional layer of security.

How is data protected from being visible on the Internet?

Data is encrypted from end-to-end. No data resides on the mobile device.

How is data secured against unwanted intrusion, e.g., Internet hackers?

Data is stored on a secure private, Linux based server with bullet-proof security measures. The security measures provide an extremely secure private server that cannot be attacked or inadvertently accessed. These are the same measures that are implemented in ensuring secure website installations for banks, universities and health care companies.

Is the MobileArq school directory app more secure than a print directory?

The MobileArq school directory app may be considered more secure compared to the print version since its access is limited only to those subscribing members while they are part of the school.