Mobile School Directory App Versus a PDF

I talk to school parents every day about our mobile school directory app. One of the questions asked is – how does a mobile app compare to an electronic PDF available over the web containing a list of parent contacts. I have compiled a table with the list of comparable features.

Our mobile school directory app, MobileArq, is available on smartphones, iPads or any tablet device, computers (laptops and desktops).

PDF Directory

Mobile School Directory App

Hard to view on a smartphone.

Built for usage on a smartphone, tablet or computer with the same URL

Not interactive

Interactive‚ call/email/text from app

Personal info cannot be updated/published by the user.

Personal info can be updated and published immediately by the user or directory volunteer.

No Group Communications

Send message in a single click to members of any group. E.g., class/forensics/sport teams.

As you can see, the benefits of having an app at your fingertips on the road beats the PDF any day. Parents encounter various situations where they need help or simply to reach out to another parent in their group.

Many a time, I run out of my house to pick up my child from a play date or a birthday party and forget to take my directory with me. Although my son’s friend is in the same town, sometimes a few streets away, not knowing the exact location or number of the house makes it impossible to find it. Invariably, I either need to return home and get the directory or find the parent’s number to call the home.

I have had occasions when I have called the home however the babysitter doesn’t answer thinking that the phone call is meant for her employers. Mobile Directories can store additional info ( like print directories) such as the contacts of nannies/baby sitters or other caregivers ( grand parents).