MobileArq Directory Features

Platforms: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones and any mobile devices with Internet access.
Special Services: We convert school information system data into a district-wide directory*

This pricing is effective for orders received by the month of May 2017. This only applies where the data is input by the parents or the PTO.

Information and Communications Features
Family DirectoryDone
Student Directory (Grade/Class)Done
Selective Display of Contact InfoDone
Faculty/Staff DirectoryDone
School CalendarDone
Private Groups, e.g. sports clubsDone
Group EmailDone
PTA/PTO CommitteesDone
Volunteer ListDone
Administrative Features for the PTA/PTO
Edit Directory/Manager UsersDone
Print DirectoryDone
Edit Faculty/Staff InfoDone
Manage School CalendarDone
Monitor FundraisingDone
Reports on Usage/AccountingDone
Newsletter and Group Email (class & grade)Done
Revenue Generating Features
Mobile Advertisement**Done
Collect PTA/PTO Dues***Done
eCommerce (Online Storefront)Done
*Email for more information and a price quote
**Mobile Ads, + processing and upload charge
***Dues Collection, + 3% Transaction charge
** Mobile Ads, + processing and upload charge
*** Dues Collection, + 3% Transaction charge