School Directory Production can be a torturous process

I was talking to the “PTA ex-Directory Chair” in one of the Elementary Schools about the school directory process in her district. She told me that after three years of producing the school directory for her elementary school, she was “BURNED OUT” and stepped down last year.

Let me call her Mrs. Directory Chair. Mrs. Directory Chair was very frustrated about the problems she faced in the school. They used archaic systems to collect the information, namely paper forms. Although the district collected the information, they would not give her the updates she needed for the existing parents. This was in part due to the “privacy policy”. Each time she would walk into the office to get some information, they would ask her for all her details ALL OVER again. And she was visiting them three to four times a week!

Although it is not odd that districts are unable to share the school directory information with the parent volunteers due to privacy laws, they should at least provide the parents a suitable solution. These parent volunteers spend an enormous amount of their time producing the directory for the benefit of all the parents. It would save the parent volunteers and the district time and headaches, if they could outsource the entire task. Using the latest technologies, MobileArq can provide parents easy-to-use tools to update their information online in a private and secure environment.

Except for the incoming and outgoing class information, all of the rest of the parents are usually in a school remain the same. Most of the families remain for the five or three or four year span in an elementary, middle and high school. So the production of a school directory can be made much more decentralized and easier on all.

Please contact us at if you have questions on how to get started on the mobile and online directory for your school. Mobile School Directories are being adopted everyday by various schools.