Time-Saving Mobile Tools for the PTAs/PTOs and Small Organizations: Evernote

PTA meetings can now be 'recorded' on Evernote

Evernote for your PTA

Is your new year resolution to get the PTA or PTO in your school more organized?

There are number of tools from the internet that are used to help with the management and operations in small non-profits such as the PTAs or PTOs. These tools are extremely useful for those who use them and can be downloaded and used at zero or minimal cost to the user.  But, not all small organizations are aware of these tools or their value.  The goal of this series of blogs is to highlight individual tools that can help the PTAs/PTOs with their daily operation.

Evernote, is one of several tools that we have found useful to help improve efficiently at MobileArq.  Evernote is more than just a note-taking tool.  It is a powerful app that allows users to organize and archive their notes, plans, photos, including web ‘clippings’ all in one place. This versatile app has a dual role: it helps you to organize and more importantly makes sure that you never forget anything ever!

A useful and convenient feature of Evernote is the ability to share notes/memos that you have created with your group members. Almost anything that you think is relevant including a voice message or a picture or a attached file can be included in an Evernote.  We have always jotted down notes for ourselves. With Evernote, these notes that we write for ourselves become much more useful to our organization and us!

PTAs/PTOs can use this tool for their organizational needs as well as sharing and collaborating:

  1. A PTA/PTO Meeting is usually recorded by an officer and the notes are posted on a website. Evernote makes it easy to take the notes right on your phone or a tablet and share it with your group.
  2. PTA committees running fundraising events can organize and share their notes using Evernote.
  3. PTAs can share their memos not only with their board members but rest of the parent community in their school.

Thus, the powerful utility of Evernote makes it a must-have tool for an individual and small non-profit organizations like the PTAs/PTOs.