Why is it not too late to do the school directory app in Winter?

Every PTA/PTO/HSA loves to compile a school directory at the beginning of the school year in August/September. To get a directory published by the end of September, you need to collect the permission from parents and their updated contact info to be published in the directory during the summer months. This includes finding volunteers willing to chase the parents and organize the information. With all these requirements, the directory usually does not get done in time for distribution to the parents in September. For some schools, the directory is simply not produced even by December. Or you could have the parents simply update their information in an online directory. With, this problem in mind, MobileArq helps out the PTAs and PTOs with the preparation of the online and mobile school directories.

So, if you have not yet compiled your school directory, then, below are the top ten reasons your PTA/PTO should be thinking of publishing a directory in January 2015.

10. The Back-to-School time frame is hectic for the PTA and the parents trying to get their children prepared for a new school year. Get their attention now.
9. Unlike the summer, it is easier to get parents to submit their information during the school year when they are around.
8. It is easier to find volunteers to manage the directory in winter rather than the months of summer due to the vacations
7. The holiday season has ended and people are looking to re-connect. It is great to have the app to make play dates, study groups and fundraisers in winter.
6. If you have the basic directory updated in winter by the parents, it would be a much simpler process of verification in September.
5. Parents need an updated directory in the summer months.
4. Let your PTA Volunteers who market the online/printed directory get a well-deserved break from volunteering in summer.
3. If you haven’t done the directory by early winter, chances are you will not have a directory any time soon.
2. You can still get membership dues and raise money through advertising for the next 6 months of the year.
1. It is better late than never to get a school directory published for your school parent community.

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School Directory: Go Mobile!