Your all-in-one school and personal calendar at your fingertips

My BFF from college, Sangho who lives in Bloomingfield, MI has a child in 4th grade who is a gifted violinist and plays the orchestra in school. Sangho is a meticulous and dedicated parent, who travels the world as a senior manager for Owens Corning. She adds every event for her child’s school to her calendar, arranges playdates for him, cooks every meal in advance so he has his favorite food when he gets home.

Despite all of her organizational skills, last month, her son missed the school concert. The concert was on a Tuesday in December, however due to fat fingers or a typo, Sangho had put the event on her calendar on the next day. Lo and behold, they missed the concert and she felt very guilty about it.

As parents managing multiple calendars, we are sometimes overwhelmed with the sheer volume of events that are coming at us. This is where MobileArq’s ALL-IN-ONE calendar where the district, school and class calendar is maintained for the parent. For example, the school concert dates and times are on this calendar already – you don’t need to update a personal calendar with it. You can access all of it on one place and add your personal events to it as well.

For those of you who have already been updating a Google Calendar or Mac Calendar with events from all of the school calendars, this will save you time and unnecessary syncing issues. For example, if the school concert was moved to a different date due to a weather issue, you would not need to update your personal calendar with this information. It is updated for you by the MobileArq ALL-IN-ONE calendar.

What do you think are the biggest problems you have as a parent keeping on top of all the events and happenings in your children’s schools? We appreciate you sharing this with us at  Thank you.