Find a family easily in your school!

Finding a family and parents' names in your school is easy with a mobile directory

Connecting Parents with a Mobile School Directory

As a parent, we meet other parents briefly at school events, class events, soccer, baseball and sports games and other extra-curricular activities. However, connecting with them again, especially if you met them once only, is very difficult. You might remember a name vaguely although you recognize their face from previous encounters at the school. It takes a village to raise a child so the better you bond with families in your school or team, the easier it is to get playdates, arrange carpools and be a part of the community.

We all agree that we are not all that good at remembering names and associating them with the many faces we meet at school. Greeting someone with their first name makes a huge impact and starts off conversations much better.

Finding a family in your children’s school should not be that difficult. If you have an online school directory or school directory app right on your phone, you can instantly look up the people you met at the event right then and there and send them a note. Or mark them as favorites. This is what a system such as MobileArq will provide parents. Find a family and recognize/greet them with their first name and things will change dramatically in terms of social acceptance. You are no longer isolated, you forge more friendships with parents in your school.