Why do parents need a mobile school directory?

All parents are always balancing their commitments to work and other responsibilities with their children’s activities and school events. Their school directory and calendar is an invaluable tool for them to communicate with other parents in their child’s class/school/sports team. Parents are mobile and on the run dropping and picking up kids at various activities. However most of the schools do not publish a mobile school directory. The school directories continue to be printed on paper.

Take the case of Allison, a working Mom with 2 children in elementary school who lives in our neighborhood. She relies heavily on her babysitter to pick up the children from the school at 3 and take care of them until she comes home in the evening.

When Allison’s babysitter’s car breaks down, she has to find someone to pick up her kids and keep them until she can get home from her work 45 minutes away. She needs to keep her directory everywhere she goes – in the car, at work or on a business trip. Even when she has the school directory, when she has very little time, it is difficult to find someone to help her out.

With the mobile school directory introduced in her school, she can quickly send a short message to all the parents in her children’s class to find someone to pick up her child. She can do this from her desktop at work or her smartphone. It helps to know that they are in safe hands until she can get home.

The Family directory is an invaluable tool for arranging all of the class activities, including class parties, class trips, events and more. When this is available online, it is easy to “Search and Find a Family” through the search utility in the tool.