Thoughts swirling in a PTA Mom’s head at the end of the day!

The PTA mom can use some help


The work of a PTA Mom is never done.

She is a multitasking woman staying on top of all of her kids’ activities, managing her home and all of her volunteering duties with the PTA.

A multi-tasking PTA Mom!

A 1001 things-to-do for a PTA mom

First and foremost, the PTA Mom needs to take care of her kids and family – every meal and activity in their day. She needs to plan her day and week as well so that she can attend to her volunteer duties while working around everyone’s schedules. Whether it is to prepare a dinner on a PTA Meeting night or get her kids a ride back from the soccer game while she is at her PTA meeting, the PTA Mom plans ahead.

Many a time she has taken on too man volunteering duties – baking for the PTA bake sale, helping out at the book fair and in the library, being in charge of increasing memberships at her PTA.. the list goes on. At the end of the day, she is wondering why she took on so many tasks? Would she be better off taking a break from the PTA? But that is not like her. Come September after a long summer vacation, she is ready to do it all over again! Our public schools are hugely indebted to these PTA Moms!