Top Five Reasons for Going Mobile with your School Directory

Are you a parent in a K-12 school?  Then you need a mobile school directory!   Whether it is to check the early dismissal time or the phone number of your child’s class teacher. Here are the top five reasons you need a mobile school directory!

1. You always misplace your paper school directory! Do you ever search for your school directory right at home? That happens to me all the time!

School directory is always lost!

Good Luck Finding your Print Directory













2. Your Dog thinks this is a good bone to chew on. Was it better that your pet did not chew up the mail this time?  But you do need your school directory for the rest of the year!


Did your dog eat up your school directory?

Another ‘chewed up’ print directory


3. The printed school directory is outdated! Wow, mistakes do happen! Have you been in a school directory you shouldn’t have been? But how are you to know that?

Printed school directories are not easily updated

School directory has some outdated families!












4. Your contact details are mixed up in the printed school directory!

The out-of-date print directory

Information in printed school directory cannot be easily corrected!



5. You can’t take your school directory everywhere! How many times have you been driving in circles in a new town trying to find the right baseball field where your team is scheduled to play. Wouldn’t it be easier to find someone to carpool with?


The convenience of a mobile school directory is invaluable

Lost without a mobile school directory