October 6, 2017

‘Crush it’ with these three fundraising hacks for PTAs/PTOs

Fundraising takes time and it is a lot of work! Organizing a fundraiser is no simple task. You need to find sponsors, recruit volunteers, arrange a location/activities, spread the word about the fundraiser and hope the weather cooperates. The list is endless and ticking off each item requires multiple hours of volunteer work.  Overall, fundraising takes time and it is a lot of work!  What if you could do away with 80% of your fundraisers? Over 76% of schools in the US have 5 or more fundraisers/year. With this flood of fundraisers, it is not surprise that parents have become weary of these PTA organized events. Clearly, the standard fundraisers are not working! The three hacks to ‘CRUSH’ your fundraising goals Compile a mobile directory and give that away to parents in exchange for membership dues Parents are BUSY Managing school and after-school activities can be time consuming Parents can […]