Time-Saving Mobile Tools for the PTAs/PTOs and Small Organizations: Evernote
Is your new year resolution to get the PTA or PTO in your school more organized? There are number of
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Productivity Tools for the PTA : Dropbox
This is a series of posts we are writing on productivity tools for the PTA for organization, scheduling and communication.
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Crowdfunding for your school
These days, we hear of enormous budget cuts at the state level and district level for education.  It is a
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Why We all Need a Dave Goldberg to ‘have it all’ as Women?
It is with great sadness we hear about Dave Goldberg, Sheryl Sandberg’s husband’s passing away. We have heard so much
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Should You Raise a Happy Child?
Yes and no. Here’s the thing – You want your child to be happy. But you don’t want to make
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The Homework Dilemma
  Why should kids be given homework?  A school in New York City has recently decided not to, citing current
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Stop Sabotaging Your Child’s Success!
A few parenting tips By Evelyn Cucchiara, Founder & Creator of  ‘The Toy Tamer’ We all want to be the
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Your all-in-one school and personal calendar at your fingertips
My BFF from college, Sangho who lives in Bloomingfield, MI has a child in 4th grade who is a gifted
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What did we learn from a recent Parent Survey on the MobileArq Online School Directory?
  User feedback is extremely important in helping to make MobileArq a very useful and valuable communication tool for K-12 school
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Five Top Tips to extend the battery life on your mobile phone on your travel days
It’s the holiday season and you are traveling to meet with family. Here are some tips on how you can
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May 17, 2012

MobileArq transforms communication in school community with technology tools

Franklin Elementary school in Summit, New Jersey implemented a parent portal with LocalArq’s innovative technology that provides personalized tools for the parent to keep on top of their children’s class, school and after-school activities at their fingertips. Parents have a hectic life keeping track of their children’s activities, transporting their kids to games, birthday parties and you name it. LocalArq’s MyChildPortal maintains a personalized group calendar, documents, forms online and tools to communicate with other parents at their fingertips.  
October 21, 2011

Niche Social Networks for Membership Organizations

Localarq builds private niche networks for any membership based organizations. For example, Alumni of various B-Schools, Professional Services organizations in any discipline are geographically dispersed and usually have at the most a website and nothing more. Localarq provides websites out of the box for enabling all of this through a website for your local PTA, professional org or any org. We can also host it on your own domain if needed. We can insert it into your existing website with the same L&F so you do not compromise on your branding. Build a niche network for your organization Interact with members in geographically different locations easily Online Fund Raising from your members and families Groups, Collaboration, chat A private secure place on the internet Personalized and group calendar Eliminate paper Organize and share Documents/forms online